Lossiemouth late August – hiding before the beginning of term

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Working hard at my computer getting ready for the new term!

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Reactivated this blog for connected learning course

Back online to work with the connected course project!

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Moved over to Tumblr

My have mainly moved over to Tumblr – easier platform and, perhaps, more appropriate to my work. My tumblr – http://bigshuggie.tumblr.com – simply notes the pictures (and other things) I have found that interest me.

So drop over and have a look, Hugh

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Originally posted on Mastering Multimedia:

Having just finished teaching a community college Intro to Documentary DV Production class, I’d thought I would share with you my formula for instructing students on how to shoot a video story in a way that makes the editing process go smoothly.

I always tell my students that even Michael Jordan needed to learn the fundamentals of basketball and the same goes for video storytelling. Much of what I teach is based on what I learned at video storytelling workshops like the Platypus (class of 2005) where the language of TV was drilled into me with the rigors of a U.S. Marine boot camp.

I continue to practice what I preach by shooting and editing video stories for my newspaper’s website. I’ve taught these video fundamentals at a half-dozen video storytelling workshops I’ve coached at. It is battle-tested and works with students who have never shot video before. The textbook…

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Originally posted on Journeys of a Hybrid:

1.  They forget about the story – it’s not your camera that tells the story – it’s the person using the camera. Pretty visuals, slapped into a motion timeline with music, doesn’t necessarily tell a story.  Video is a story telling medium – don’t forget that.

2.  They think they already know how to shoot – if you think because you are a professional photographer and all you need to do is get a camera with a “video mode” on it, you are mistaken. Shooting in motion is far different than shooting still images. An experienced motion shooter can spot a video shot by a still photographer with little know how, right away.

3.  Thinking audio isn’t important – audio is more important than the visual when producing video.  Hire a sound person to do it right, but don’t discount it.

4.  Thinking the DSLR camera is all you need…

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(Dis)United Kingdom Blog 002

A series of videos examining what Scotland means, on personal level, to one expat Scot, going beyond the hype and the history books…

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Send us your video response on the (Dis)United Kingdom

(Dis)United Kingdom invites video comments on what Scotland, and/or the United Kingdom, means on personal level, going beyond the hype and the history books…Authored pieces of no more than 2 minutes please. Email link and comments to mail@hughhamilton.com

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(Dis)United Kingdom Blog 001

A short blog posting marking the start of a project to examine, to seek out what Scotland means, on personal level, to one expat Scot. It will try to go beyond the hype and the history books…

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Taiwan – NTU Unitour March 2012

A film giving a flavours of NTU recruitment trip to Taiwan in March 2012. Public domain music “In Siam” (Billy Murray) 1915 from iTunes.

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